karshaka tilak award

Karshaka tilak award

This award is instituted by gandhi study centre under leadership of sri p j joseph. it is based in thodupuzha in kerala state in india


Karshaka tilak award

The award consists of 3 lakh rupees plaque and certificate... .

karshaka tilak award

conditions: should hold land below 7,5 acres
should be engaged in natural farming and multi cropping
animal husbandary will be given special consideration
...... .

apply before  march 25 2022 

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address to contact

secretary gandi study centre
matha shopping arcade  thodupuzha po  685584 idduki  district

kerala state india.

telephone: 04862 224326 295660  mobile:  94461 32544  94467 20189
email: gsctdpa@gmail.com   gsckarshikamela.org

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