R Haley

R Haley

He is a noted agriculture expert and former director of agriculture department of kerala state in india. He was the first principal information officer of the farm information bureau of kerala.


Agriculture programmes

He is considered as a pioneer of farm journalism in malayalam official language of kerala state. He started the agriculture and farm based radio programme Vayalum veedum in Akashavani (all india radio) and television programme Nattinpuram in doordarshan Tv channel. Opened krishi bhavans in kerala..... .

Books on agriculture

R Haley was a well known author of books on farming and agriculture. He was the first full time editor of kerala karshakan a monthly farm magazine published by goverment of kerala since 1954. Krishipadam reference book on agriculture in malayalam.
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Winner of first karshaka Bharathi award for farm journalism. kerala press academy award 

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Book on R Haley

R Haley Karshikaranagthinte ezhuthachan ( malayalam)
THis book shares memories of persons associated with him about the pioneer of farm journalism and agriculture expert. edited by dr V sreekumar. published by authentic books kerala   

kerala state india.

telephone: 9847 758979     
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