Nano urea fertilizer

Nano urea

Nano Urea (liquid) is a nanofertilizer. It contains nano nitrogen particles of size range (20-50 nm) dispersed in water. Total nitrogen concentration in one bottle of Nano Urea (liquid) is 4 % (40,000 ppm).

nano urea

Nano-fertilizers consist of nanomaterials (NMs), which are defined as materials in size range of 1 to 100 nm at least in one dimension. Because of the effect of dimension(s) nanomaterial's possess improved properties or phenomena. Due to higher surface area to volume size ratio, their availability and absorption is manifold. They have dynamic physical and chemical properties over their conventional counterparts.
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nano urea

Higher Crop Yields

Increase in Farmers’ Income​ ​

Better Food Quality​ ​

Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage​

Environment​ Friendly​

Easy to Store & Transport
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nano urea

manufactured by iffco

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nano urea

Nano Urea (liquid) when sprayed on the leaves easily enters through stomata and other openings and fulfils nitrogen requirement of crops. Because of its unique size and surface area to volume ratio, it effectively addresses crop nutrient requirement. It results in reduced nutritional stress, better growth and yield attributes of crops.​

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