vegetable farming plan  india

vegetable farming plan

It is advisable to start vegetable farming with short term vegetables like amaranthus which matures in 1 to 1.5 months. Vegetables in general will give yield within 1-6 months.
Next okhra brinjal etc can be added which will give yield in about 3 months. Other cucurbitous vegetables like cucumber, bitter gourd, snake gourd, ivy gourd etc can also be cultivated. Tuber crops like tapioca, elephant foot yam, drum stick which will give yield from 6 to 8 months can also be cultivated . Additional add on crops like papaya, birds eye chilly etc can also be cultivated. It is advisable to go for a multi crop cultivation startegy to maximize income .

vegetable farming plan amaranth

Amarathus farming: about 8 grams of seeds is required for one cent of land. Plants can be separated at 20X 20 cm distance & Seed varieties : arun (red) co1 co2 co3 (green )

.  . ...

vegetable farming plan okhra

okhra: can be grown throughout the year. 30 gms of seeds are required for one cent of land. spacing 60 X 30 cm. Well known seed varieties are salkirthi, aarka, anamika, susthira kiran hybrid varieties like Namdhari, RK seeds can also be used etc .... .

vegetable farming plan bitter gourd snake gourd

cucurbitous vegetable farming. 
, bitter gourd: spacing 2 X2 meters
, snake gourd, : spacing 2 x 2 meters 
pumpkin: 4.5 X 2 meters,
cucumber : spacing 2 X1.5 meters
ivy gourd : spacing 4 X 3 meters
ridge gourd : spacing 3 X 3 meters.   .. ...

vegetable farming plan

solanaceous vegetables
 brinjal: 60 X 75 cm spacing . 89 plants in 1 cent of land.
 tomato:  60 X 60 cm spacing 111 plants can be planted in 1 cent of land. 
chillies :  40 X40 cm spacing 198 plants can be planted in 1 cent of land                ... ..

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